choose ease

with self-care systems.

You can take care of yourself, your loved ones, and business, without sacrificing your health.

  • wear multiple hats (wife, mom, student, creative, entrepreneur, etc), and barely have time to focus on yourself.

  • know self-care is important, but again, where is the time??

  • have a hard time staying consistent with yourself practices.

  • really need a break from everything but don't want your loved ones to think that you are selfish.

  • always seem to be "where the [stress] reside".

  • are just sick and tired of being sick and tired.


is this you?

all that (and then some) is exactly why I created EGO...

EGO (Ebony Girls Obsession) Initiative is a one woman, community-focused, wellness consulting practice. With a mission to support Black women, youth, and businesses with creating and maintaining everyday self-care strategies to help manage daily stressors or major crises.

with services like...




An invested community of support designed to keep you consistent and committed to your wellness goals. Featuring monthly masterclasses, prompts, weekly check-ins, and a private community platform.


self-care strategy (consulting)

Need some help deciding which self-care practice(s) actually fit your lifestyle? Book a one-on-one call with Igho Diana, to get clear on your wellness goals and curate your own self-care systems, to manage daily stressors and maintain ease.


courses, events &


A range of virtual courses, events, and workshops with curated wellness tips and strategies. Tap in at your own pace, in the comfort of your home or wherever you choose. Available for individuals & groups (friends, students, employees).




Looking to implement healthier, wellness practices in your community or include a mindful and creative boost to your events? I offer a selection of keynotes with distinct poetic and storytelling elements.

& resources

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What People Say 

“I like being here because it’s so calming and I can just be myself...I learned to feel comfortable with my body as a black girl. I also learned to write my feelings out.”

-  Kani, Young EGO Season One participant

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