Everyone gets better when you do.

I understand the weight and frustration behind taking care of everyone else, but not having enough time and energy to take care of you. That’s why my mission is simple: to give my clients everyday strategies to help them prioritize their wellness. Truth is, you can absolutely make time for yourself AND care for the people you love.


what is EGO initiative?

Ebony Girls Obsession (EGO) Initiative was birthed out of a need to better understand the delicate balance between self-care and community care, in practice. I have always practiced a level of self-care but people around me often perceived that as act(s) of selfishness. In 2016, after a series of traumatic personal experiences, I sought to curate a community of likeminded women with whom, to practice self-care in sisterhood. With a mission to teach young Black girls and empower Black women to engage in high-level self-care, through story-telling.


EGO has since evolved into a multi-service wellness consulting practice. I now specialize in creating space(s), programs, and services for Black women, youth, and businesses to assess their well-being and provide them with the necessary tools to truly take care and live their whole, best life. Service offerings include: virtual courses, workshops, events, and speaking engagements.

a community-focused definition of self-care

self-care is the right and responsibility to yourself, first and foremost, and then your community; to know yourself, know better, and then do better.

community partners

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Hello, Igho Diana here; arts & wellness educator, facilitator, and visionary woman.


I wholeheartedly believe that it takes a village—not only to raise a child but also to support adults through our healing and wellness journey. So I create spaces for individuals, organizations and businesses, to invest in themselves or their teams' well being, through storytelling and communal learning experiences.


Particularly, I support Black, Latina, and Indigenous women and youth, and the organizations or businesses that hire them, with prioritizing wellness. So that they are better able to show up for, and receive the support of their respective communities. I do this by way of mentorship, workshops, events, retreats, and community activations.


In addition to all of the above, I hold a BA Honours in Community Development. I have been a spoken word artist for 10 years now, and have performed at numerous literary festivals, events, and schools across North America. To date, I have facilitated over 250 workshops on creative writing and self-care, in collaboration with organizations like VIBE Arts, ArtStarts, St. Stephen’s Community House, ArtReach, the Gardiner Museum, and Humber College. 


My proudest accomplishments include an appearance in the Toronto Star for my unique fashion sense; receiving an award for consistently advocating for marginalized people; and maintaining a 90% overall GPA in my undergrad, while doing all the things.


You can catch me storytellin’ on social media @ighodiana / @EGOInitiative

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