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manage crises & maintain your peace

In the Prioritizing Your Wellness 

virtual course, you will learn how to take off your cape and focus inward. If you are over stressed,  burnt out, or don't even have time to breathe--now is the best time to invest in learning how to put on your oxygen mask first. This 5-part virtual course will guide you in cultivating self-care systems to support you through every season.

Every one

gets better when you do.

When was the last time you invested in becoming your best self and getting the support that you need to take care of your loved ones without sacrificing yourself or your mental health? 

If you are:

 - feeling drained from taking care of everyone around you

- the one who is always giving, but never have anyone to support you

- over-worked, stressed, and just exhausted

Then it is time to take off your cape and put on your oxygen mask.

Join me for this 5-week, Prioritizing Your Wellness virtual course, where you will learn to cultivate systems and resources that will support you through any season.

Prioritizing Your Wellness.png

 Over the course of 5 weeks you will receive:

- actionable steps to prioritizing your wellness in 5 key areas of your life, via;

- weekly video delivery (you will still have access to these videos beyond the 5 weeks)

- one follow-up call with the facilitator after the 5-weeks

- a private community of like-minded individuals who are also invested in their wellness 

But don't just take my word for it...

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meet your facilitator

one time payment: $497

two monthly payments:


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