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You know that self-care & prioritizing your wellness is important--but you're sick & tired of being sick & tired and just don't know where to begin. This session is the tailored strategy & accountability you need, to help you get started.

During this 1-hour strategy call, I help you:

  1. Identify your current pain points--aka the problem(s)

  2. Clarify your self-care vision/goal

  3. Create a self-care system that is suitable to your lifestyle



  • There is a required application process (less than 5 minutes to complete) to book this service.

  • Service includes a follow-up email regarding tasks assigned, as well as the recording of our session--upon request.



events / retreats

Our annual event/retreat series: Stay Whole urges us to take responsibility for filling our cups often. We consider how aspects of Black Womanhood intersect with self-care culture.


In essence: we explore the simple + intentional acts of services towards ourselves, that shape our daily lives–through a lens of Black Womanhood.

**stay tuned for upcoming events **



Designed for youth & women who are looking to be in community with those who value being healthy, whole, and at ease. Choose from any of the following options:

1) Signature sessions - Self-care ‘n Sisterhood is a monthly series for millennial women, dedicated to self-care, accountability, and community. This is space for us to share our self-care resources with one another, create accountability partnerships and celebrate our wins.


2) Design Your Own self-care sessions for your employees, organization, or school - based on your groups' needs, we create a workshop or series that supports & maintains their wellness.


3) The Stay Whole Accountability Program -  

4) Prioritizing Your Wellness 5-Week Virtual course


**Schedule a discovery call to discuss your option(s)**

We invest in ourselves and each other, because we are worthy.

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