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the Stay Whole club

you deserve self-care, sisterhood, and all the support you need to live your whole, best life. this wellness club serves you just that and much more!

It is no secret that self-care is important.

You've started taking the steps to prioritize your wellness. However, consistency in practice and truly prioritizing yourself tends to be the biggest challenge. That’s because the accountability and community building pieces are still missing.


Cultivating true sisterhood (the kind that builds you up, and reminds you to stay on top of your ish), to rest in, and celebrate your ALL wins, is essential.


You are always doing for others and often get less than half your efforts reciprocated. Always on the back burner; you’re either this close or already at the stage of burnout.


But you are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I have absolutely been there, sis.


I’ve been working in the arts and wellness industry for over 5 years, doing all the things. But I’ve curated self-care systems that help me do it all with ease. Because I know self-care isn’t just something you do when you are completely burnt out. My mission is to support you with mindset shifts, daily self-care habits, and other wellness strategies.


With all that in mind, I have designed this wellness club to fill in the missing pieces for you, to help you stay consistent, living your life with ease. The Stay Whole Club is a membership community for ambitious women, entrepreneurs, moms, students, creatives, and all of the above. Women who are looking to manage all their responsibilities, while maintaining their wellness with ease & grace. 


If all that sounds like you, join the club today, to become one of its founding members! 

members get access to:

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Don't let another year go by without investing in the support you need!

what women are saying..

“This session has brought a lot of clarity to me. It was really helpful to be able to put some words and deep meaning around emotions that I've felt lately. I also appreciate that I now have resources and a plan to increase my capacity in many ways.” 


—   Sabrina, Self-care ‘n Sisterhood sessions participant

meet your facilitator

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